Trails include the Cooloola Great Walk

View outstanding land and sky scapes from points along the Cooloola Great Walk.

The start of the Cooloola Great Walk

Our local National Parks Officers have recently held the local launch of The Cooloola Great Walk. The 102km Cooloola Great Walk links the Noosa North Shore to Rainbow Beach via the eastern high dunes, the upper Noosa River and Poona Lake. This extensive walking track system winds through rainforest, tall eucalypt forest, dry coastal woodland and heath plains, with walkers able to camp in remote areas of the Cooloola National Park.

From the sandblow cliff, looking to Double Island Point

Rainbow Beach is one of the two access points for the 5 day trail. If you have planned to rough it along the trail- finish at Rainbow Getaway and recuperate in style. If you aren’t able to complete the walk in total, at Rainbow you can enjoy the new walking tracks to the sandblow, and start a circuit just next door to Rainbow Getaway Apartments.

Our family tried the new walk to the sandblow last weekend for the first time. Although it was more lengthy, the gradient was suitable for less serious

The view from the entrance to the Sandblow from the Great Walk- towards Rainbow Beach, The Sandy Straits and Fraser Island

walkers and meanders through different vegetation types. Starting with the wallum scrub, the track passed a rainforest valley, with snippets of the views. Then when you reached the sandblow, the new entrance showed an entirely different outlook.  Walk further for 360 degree views from country to coast. It was well worth it. Visit here for more photos or information on the Cooloola Great Walk.

There is so much to see and do at Rainbow Beach, why not take advantage of some great offers, and try the Cooloola Great Walk out for yourself.


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