Rainbow Beach – a winter swim

Rainbow BeachToday was magical down at the beach. It did not feel like winter, and I was glad we came dressed in swimmers. They first started rock hopping to splashing and before long everyone was wet!

These shots are taken minutes from the patrolled area (or Flags) in a family friendly spot called Mudlo rocks. The

kids found a deep pool to jump into. Again and again off Mudlo rocks – providing easy hours of family entertainment.  The younger ones played safer in the smaller rock pools and climbing.

It is only a short walk back to the patrolled beach from Mudlo Rocks.

Watching the tide go out

Beach Fishing

The flags at Rainbow Beach

There were plenty of other families enjoying the winter sunshine. Back at the flags they all had another swim before heading back to warm showers and a hearty lunch.

Really, there was no better place to be.


One response to “Rainbow Beach – a winter swim

  1. This was one of the best days this winter. The day was absolutely beautiful and I spent most of the day without a jumper on. People in house were very excited and welcomed such a sunny day in fact some even extended their stay. They were amazed at the water temperature in the middle of Winter.

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