Carlo Sandblow in Spring

We’ve had a few walks up to the Sandblow already these school holidays, and still the photos do not do justice to the sandy vastness of it all. There are clearer views then one of the last times I brought the camera – Fraser Island was easily identified with the deck centred in the shot below.

Views beyond Carlo Sandblow

Of course, you need to walk into the Sandblow from the longer track, or trudge up the opposite dune to see this:

The deck, Carlo Sandblow

If you tire of views of Fraser island and the Sandy Straits, shift the lens to Double Island Point and the ocean.

Overlooking the Pacific from the Sandblow

For those that bring the boogie board – this is the most favoured dune for sliding.

The sliding dune

After walking up twice within a few days of each other, cousins arrived and requested another uphill venture. The 4km is perfect for easier bedtimes. Just bring plenty of water and remember to collect your flip flops from the deck before arriving at the top of the opposite side.


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