Rainbow Beach Day Out #2 Coloured Sands

Today’s pace really depends on the tides. The Coloured Sands half day tour operates around low tide. You will marvel at nature’s beautiful landscape as you travel to Double Island Point.



You’ll see 200m coloured sand cliffs with over 72 colours formed from iron oxide and leached vegetable dyes. Or a more romantic version, Aboriginal legend tells of a spirit who takes on the image of a rainbow. When he fought over a woman, he fell against the cliffs, leaving a permanent display.

Tour guides reveal best kept secrets on the region including a visit to Cooloola’s unique, virtually unknown rainforest, pristine tranquil beaches

and access to Double Island Point to see the Lighthouse. Signage gives you an idea of what life was like for the isolated lighthouse keepers, their families and their teachers.








From this historic building site you can see 360 degree views of unspoilt beaches, Wolf Rock and out to Fraser Island. Sightings of dolphins, turtles and seabirds are common and in season you may also see wildflowers and whales on this tour. Make sure you bring a hat and sunscreen, morning or afternoon tea is provided.

Spend the rest of the day relaxing or shopping or hit the beach for another swim. Then decide which of the eateries you might frequent tonight. If you can’t decide (between Thai, Chinese, A la Carte, Pub and Clubs, or a trendy cafe) grab some fish and chips and visit the headland.

Either way, indulge in a night time stroll on the beach and an easy saunter home to the Getaway.

Visit here to learn more about day trips, suggested itineraries and Rainbow Beach activities. There is so much to see and do at Rainbow Beach, why not take advantage of our great offers because we would love for you to come and join us.



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