Be Dingo Safe

When you visit Fraser Island, know your dingo safety. Read the Parks and Wildlife brochure and make sure you the kids know too.

The dingoes on Fraser Island roam all over the island. QPWS has installed fencing around most townships, the Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village and most of the QPWS campgrounds (except the beach camping areas).

Never leave anything lying around, as dingoes are curious. Even small oversights can make dingoes more fearless. Your actions can make a difference:

  • Always stay very close to your children
  • Never feed dingoes
  • Walk in groups
  • Lock up your food stores and iceboxes
  • Pack away your food scraps
  • Dispose of rubbish correctly
  • Store fish and bait correctly

For more information visit: Fraser Island dingo safety video or Be dingo-safe! fact-sheet (June 2010, extracted from visitor guide) . Help protect dingoes and stay safe when you’re on Fraser Island. Follow the guidelines and ensure you always receive the most up-to-date visitor guide (in your permit pack) and read how to Be dingo-safe.



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