Day Trips – Maryborough

Maryborough appeals to all ages. With beautiful streetscapes, a plethora of shops and only an hour away it is a great day out from Rainbow Beach.

Boulevards of historic homes

Glorious Colonial Architecture, outstanding museums, riverside dining, a first class theatre and magnificent parklands – Maryborough is a yet another attraction when you stay with us.

Maryborough was settled in 1847 and is one of Queensland’s oldest provincial cities. Maryborough was a major immigration port into Australia and a visit to the City’s historic port area – retains many reminders of this period. The port may be long dormant, but its history and gloriously preserved buildings remain – along with a sense of time suspended.

Pausing along the Mary, Maryborough

Kids will enjoy the riverside walks, parks, gardens and museums. It is a walk back intime for them. Don’t miss the mini train and railway cordered by magnificent fig trees.

The railway for kids and big kids alike

Once the lifeblood of the town, the Mary River is still a haven for pleasure craft, a source of excellent freshwater fishing and a beautiful back drop for a lovely city.

The majestic Mary

Today, Maryborough is widely recognised for the abundant examples of colonial and Queenslander architecture, majestic public buildings and beautiful gardens. Much of the city’s character has been preserved in these classic buildings, mostly built of local timber in a range of sizes and designs. Take a peek into the good old days at Brennan and Geraghty’s Store, a time-capsule corner store, preserved by the National Trust. Or discover the fascinating port history of Maryborough at the Bond Store Museum and Customs House in the Wharf Street precinct.

Streetscapes to admire, Maryborough

Another beautiful day out from Rainbow Beach, or if you are a northern visitor, stop off on the way to Rainbow Beach. (photos courtesy of Tourism Qld)


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