Spot our locals

Most of you know about our dolphins. Surrounded by the bush and beach – there are lots of other animals to spy on.

Goannas may come talk to you when you are at your BBQ. They are quite persistent at Poona Lake and you may hear a slither walking to the sandblow – it is likely to be one of them.

Kookaburras, pelicans, galahs and lorikeets love to visit. Use Tin Can Bay’s Shorebirds guide when you are walking on their trails. Fruit bats are another airborne critter which frequents Rainbow.

On the beaches and estuaries look out for yabbies, pippies, beach worms and crabs.

Turtles, dugong, sting rays swim in our Sandy Straits and oceans – take the dolphin ferry cruise to check them out. Plus before you know it the whales will be migrating.

If that is not enough to spot, you can always rely on our bush (or scrub) turkeys. So much wildlife – an easy distance from your fully self contained accommodation, makes for a memorable visit to for all ages.


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