School holidays in Rainbow Beach

We have just had friends visit from the city..with kids aged 5 and 7 these are their favourite things to do in Rainbow:

Sandblow – the walk up, digging holes, exploring, enjoying the views (brought the wrong type of boogie boards up)

Beach – walking/swimming (even in Winter the kids are into it)

Rock hopping – Mudlo rocks: rockpools, mini waterfalls dripping..

4WD to Double – well worth it- such a novelty to have your first drive on our sandy highways

Poona Lake (busy, weren’t they?) the bushwalk in and resident goanna and the walk back worked up an appetite

Carlo Sandblow AGAIN This time with the right boogie board to slide, and they did! This was the most requested and loved thing the kids wanted. Even better when you throw in a sunset! The sandblow is what will bring them back next time (and the beach, coloured sands, mudlo rocks etc…)

They also enjoyed sunset at Carlo Point, our parks and shops. Laidback yet active family holiday.


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