July 9, 2011, Rainbow Beach

What a day. Is it really winter? There is a brisk breeze on the beach but that didn’t stop the people lazing in the sun and kids wading in the shallows. Plenty fishing, more 4WDing and even more 4WD watching. The rocks seem to have more sand over them, but there were a few nail-biting moments watching vehicles cross about 11am today, about 3 hours after low tide. There were gasps from the crowd when 2 vehicles from opposite sides attempted the crossing at the same time. It takes so much concentration they were both in the water before they made a hasty retreat. No casualities whilst we were there- just lots of splashes and entertainment. Despite the steady stream of visitors making the most of this beautiful day, the line of cars waiting to cross is likely to be the only queue in town!


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