Rainbow Beach Art Festival – Brushes by the Sea, 2012

The Australia Day weekend has a bit of culture hitting Rainbow Beach. It’s our fourth annual Art and Craft Festival. It is amazing to see all the talent that is revealed at Rainbow Beach Sports Club’s walls. One category is specifically about Rainbow Beach – and you can see past winners in the club.

Photography will be a new category this year and craft includes ceramics, fabric and more. It has grown so much – quilts and jewellery now have their own section this year. It is great to see children’s masterpieces on show – many work on them now in anticipation.

Entries close January 11, although delivery of items is not until the first week of school (January 24-25). Categories include:

1. Any medium (on our local area)

2. Acrylic

3. Olis

4. Water Colour

5. Photography


7. Craft

8. Jewellery

9.Young Artist (free admission)

Plus there are prizes for Encouragement in each section and an overall People’s Choice.

Viewing is open on from 10am January 28th and continues Sunday. In celebration of our local talent, on Sunday the 29th there will be Art & Craft markets (from 9am), live entertainment (4pm), goose club raffles(5pm), cheese and wine tasting (4pm), culminating with the prize presentation at 2pm.

Here are entries from our family: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.371578886192366.109861.110761148940809&type=1.


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