“What’s Biting?” from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire

With the recent onset of cooler weather the Winter species have started making their way into the bay.  This beautiful pan sized squire is just one of many that have been caught over the last week or so. Whether you’re a boat enthusiast, a fisherman, or just looking for a peaceful day on the water there is a new hire service available for our guests. Tin Can Bay Boat Hire has everything to make your day perfect including bait, tackle and safety vests.

photo contributed by Tin Can Fishing and Boating

They take all the drama out of boat ownership when you hire theirs. Jim from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire lists Estuary Cod, Bream, Diamond Trevally, Grassy Sweetlip, Moses Perch, Whiting and Pike have all been recent catches. “We have had some great days on the water – and the BBQ has been busy on our return” Jim states, “If you’re after some local fishing knowledge, give us a call.” Or like them on facebook to see other great pics of catches and boats.


2 responses to ““What’s Biting?” from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire

  1. We have added a comment from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire….”I personally like winter for fishing in Tin Can Bay, We have such a diverse fishery. Winter tends to see Tailor & School Mackerel move into the bay as well as Snapper moving into our local reefs. Big Longtail Tuna also frequent the bay around this time of year with the channel between Inskip Point & Fraser Island fishing well. Keep an eye on our website & facebook page for updates of what is biting & even a few photos. Also we have a spot in Bush n Beach fishing magazine with an area article on what we have been catching. Cheers Jim”

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