Dingo’s at Eli Creek

Bold as brass…the dingoes didn’t mind the tourists.*

Spot the two of them below.

They passed us by so closely…

and here they are, snapped by our 12 year old:

Eli Creek is a favourite of ours…more so now we were able to see this Aussie up close.

It is only 15 minutes to the Fraser Island barge and Eli Creek is just over an hour driving along the world’s greatest road…right along the Pacific. Eli Creek is so scenic, bring a boogie board so you can run down the boardwalk, jump in and float down it (not just for kids), and the Maheno Wreck is a few minutes North. If you are planning a day trip, ask us about the other Must Sees when you are here or we can book you on a tour.

*We need to mind them… if you see dingoes don’t approach them, and definitely DON’T feed them. Stay in groups and keep kids (even smaller teens) close. Make sure you read the National Parks information on how to Be Dingo Safe or check out the brochure Dingoes of Fraser Island.


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