Top 5 for the holidays….

When you visit Rainbow Beach make sure you see and do our very own Top 5:

1. The Beach With the iconic Coloured Sands, rockpools that change daily, mini-waterfalls and the “little sandblow” there is a lot more to do on our beach than swim and build castles!

2. Seary’s Creek With pristine waters and boardwalks, kids can paddle on their boogie board or wade from one deck to the other.

3. Carlo Sandblow It really is something special and that first arrival takes your breath away. Sunsets are the most popular time, the huge expanse is also perfect for cricket and touch footy, sliding and exploring.

4. Fraser Island Day Trips It is the sort of place where memories are made: paddling in Eli Creek and letting the current take you to the sea, the aqua of Lake MacKenzie, Central Station’s rainforest – and there is so much more to explore.

5. Poona Lake – an easy walk starts just a few km from us, and you don’t need a 4WD to get there. Swim, catch Yabbies and or spot goannas.

Our poll has 18 more suggestions of  favourite things to do in Rainbow Beach  – some only local’s know! Read on for the full list. link

You can even feed wild dolphins!


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