Father’s Day Present Ideas

Blokes are the hardest to buy for! Especially Dads. Here’s our list of spectacular ideas for the dads in your life:

  • Surf lesson – group or individual.
  • Therapeutic massage. None of that relaxing stuff – they iron out every knot!
  • Kayak with the dolphins (and sometime whales) – an awesome experience.
  • Hire a boat – fish, explore the estuaries or see Fraser Island.
  • Charter Boat? Yes – plenty of deep sea fishing charters to choose from in Rainbow.
  • Fishing Gear/Boardies/Sunglasses/Thongs – lots of great small businesses in our main street.
  • Dinner, Lunch or Brekkie? Cafes and Restaurants aplenty.
  • Tandem Sky Jump or Hanglide or Paraglide for your adrenalin junkie Dads.
  • Accommodation – buy a voucher or just book him the date and tell him to drive on over to the Getaway.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Grandads, Pops and StepDad’s out there!!!


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