Fishing Report Tin Can Bay 13/12/2012

The weather has been a little average over the last week hopefully things improve over the next week or so in the lead up to Christmas.  Sunday morning seems to be the pick of the days over the weekend with light winds from the north to 5 knots.  Friday night is also looking pretty good for those wanting to sneak out after work, I would recommend trying Teebar Ledge for a few reefies or cod or sneak up the creeks for a few jack.  On the fishing side Mangrove Jack are still about in some good numbers.  Whiting & Flathead are about try fishing the drop offs along the western side of Tin Can Bay on the run out tide.  Any where you can find a channel draining off the flats into deep water should give good results.  Mackerel are still about & hopefully numbers should improve over the next few weeks as the Spotties move in.   It is a good time to get the pots out for a soak especially for those wanting a feed of Mud crabs for Christmas day.  Just remember to keep an eye on your pots as there are a few people who think they deserve to help themselves to your catch & even your pots.  If you’re not familiar with the area it is also a good idea to grab yourself a map of the green zones so you don’t accidently end up somewhere you shouldn’t be.  Until next week be safe on the water.

Thanks Jim from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire! Note from us at Rainbow Getaway: It’s great to see the sun is shining this morning – it bodes well for a great summer ahead!


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