Fishing Report Tin Can Bay 03/01/2013

Oct 28 2012 163 (Small)Wow 2013 already!!!!  The waters around Tin Can Bay & the Sandy Straits have been extremely busy during the Christmas period with most days the car parks at the boat ramp being full to capacity & boat trailers parked everywhere!

Despite the extra traffic on the water fishing has been steady with reports of Bream, Moses Perch & Flathead in Snapper Creek.   Mangrove Jack are still coming from the creeks like Teebar, Dinnies & Kauri with the added bonus of the odd Threadfin Salmon.  Mud crabs have been in good numbers for those who have taken their time to set a few pots but as usual around holiday time they are still getting raided.  The weather for the next week or so looks to be a little average with SE winds to 10 knots chopping up the bay.  For those wanting to get out for a fish try heading up creeks like Snapper, Teebar or Kauri or otherwise get out early morning before the wind gets up & try places like Big Mick or Bluff Reef.  There has been a few decent fish about on one recent trip to Big Mick I got cleaned up after about a 5 min fight I was bitten off using 80 pound leader.

Please share photo’s of your holiday catches on our facebook page or email them to they could even end up in our area article in Bush n Beach!

Tight lines & be safe on the water.


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