Explore: day trips to remember

Double Island Point Lighthouse

If you don’t have a 4WD you can still access this beautiful headland, with a Glen form Surf and Sand Safaris, they will drive you right to the top.

From Rainbow Beach drive along the beach and Leisha Track or the Freshwater track to Teewah Beach. This take you to a hilly walk, past spectacular views over Teewah Beach, Page’s Hut on a Sandy track to the summit. You can circle the lighthouse and stop a beautiful pine and welcome bench seat to look out over the Pacific.

Since we’d last been up there, the track has been upgraded (previously you walked on the road a lot of the way). It is a bit out of the way, and so worth the walk. You can continue the walk from Honeymoon Bay, on the Rainbow Beach side of the Lighthouse (as long as someone drives the vehicle back over!) This cove is another gorgeous spot, and a favourite with surfers.

A little bit of history….

The Qld National Archives state “By January of 1883 though, it had become evident that the increased traffic near Fraser Island meant a further lighthouse was necessary. As a result, a lighthouse was constructed at Double Island Point, just south of Fraser Island.” It was home to families and teachers and part of the rich history of an isolated community, with stores coming infrequently and access poor. In 1991 it was fully automated and is now leased by the Noosa Parks Association.


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