Fishing Report Tin Can Bay 23/01/2013

The past week the bay has been fishing fairly well with reports of Snapper, Sweetlip, Moses Perch and Cod coming from the shallow reefs around Tin Can Bay and on Teebar Ledge.  A few nice Squid have also been caught around Norman Point.

Reports of Mackerel have been a little patchy however large schools of Gar have been sighted around Big Mick and make great bait for Mackerel.  A few Queenfish have been taken in this same area and where they may not be the best eating they do make for a great sports fish on light gear.

Still a few reports of mud crabs coming from the creeks as well as a few Jacks with those taking the time to gather live baits being well rewarded for efforts.

With rain and possible thunderstorms forecast for most of the long weekend the outlook appears a little gloomy however with winds tipped to be 5-10 knots it should still make for reasonable conditions to hit the open waters of the bay or even the creeks.  Upside is a bit of rain should hopefully bring with it some relief from the hot weather we have been having of late.

Good luck and see you on the water.



One response to “Fishing Report Tin Can Bay 23/01/2013

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