Juice bar opens in Rainbow

Boxing Day was opening day for the new Juice Bar at the Rainbow Beach Surf Centre. It was a promising start for them as their window in the arcade was flat out feeding thirsty beachgoers.

Co-owner Ty tells us, “You can come back from your surf lesson or kayak with the dolphins and enjoy a cool drink.”

“It’s been excellent. Locals and tourists alike are taking advantage of it – with Mango Crush and our vegetable juices the most popular so far.”

In fact, Ty and Sean had to employ new team members to keep up. It was Amanda and Ashten’s first day when we popped in to try a Crush. Both from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, they chose Rainbow Beach as the place to earn some more travel dollars.

Ty says, “Customers are choosing juices over coffee as their starter in the morning – they tell us it gives them a boost for the day.”

Operating from the same premises means that the new Juice Bar has lower overheads. “The Surf Shop has been operating for 18 months now, and the hot weather has really helped our business this season. Kayaking was the more popular in October and November with the whales around, but over Christmas the demand for surfing lessons has been huge. Normally Backpackers are taking lessons, but we’ve seen this summer that lots of kids are learning to surf. It’s been great to see their Mums and Dads having a go, too!”

We certainly recommend their Mango Crush and we’ll be back in to try some of their other combos.



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