Fishing Report Tin Can Bay 13/02/2013

The past week has seen the bay start to clear up a little towards Fraser Island however there is still large quantities of fresh at the southern end around Tin Can Bay.

The fishing has started picking up a little with several reports of Barramundi over the meter mark.  The Jacks are firing up big time with reports of people bagging out on some quality fish with most fish falling victim to bait’s of Herring and Mullet.

The Snapper/Squire has started to show up on the shallow reefs around Tin Can Bay again following the rain however there isn’t really much size about them yet.  There seems to be a small window just after sunrise that these fish really come on the bite then completely shut down.

A few nice Bream have been taken around Carlo Point of late with large schools being sighted off the boat ramp.

The Mud crabs should also be about in good numbers at the moment so if you do hit the water be sure to soak a couple of pots at the same time.

The forecast for the weekend is looking a little average at this stage with SE blowing up to 10 knots.  Best advice if fishing the open bay is to get out early and be off the water by a bout 8am as the wind increases otherwise head up the Creeks like Teebar, Snapper or Carlo to seek shelter from the wind.

Until next week stay safe on the water.


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