Fishing Report Tin Can Bay 20/02/2013

Just as the bay had started to clear up again when have been hit with another deluge of rain to stir it all up again!  Fishing reports have been very slow this past week so and since I have been laid up follow a minor knee operation there is not a great deal to report on that front.

For those wanting to get out on the water the weekend and the start of next week look to be your best chance to get out with the wind dropping away to less than 10 knots.  Despite the forecast for possible thunder storms Sunday would be the pick of the days over the weekend with the wind not expected to exceed 5 knots.  As with the past few weeks, try fishing areas closer to Inskip Point where the waters have begun to clear up a little.  Bullock Point, Pelican Bay or Kauri Creek would be good options & do proved a bit of shelter from the wind if it was to kick up.  Carlo creek was firing well for Barra, Mangrove Jack and Bream prior to the rain and hopefully should remain the same.

The Mud Crabs should be about in good numbers so remember to take your pots with you while fishing and try setting them at the mouth of the creeks.  Handy little tip if you don’t have time to chase around to get bait for your crab pots try a can of cheap Tuna or cat food just pierce a few holes in the can to allow the juices to flow.  You would be surprised with the damage a crab can do to a tin can.

Don’t forget to share any photos of fish or crabs you have caught in the area or you may have a great recipe you would like to share on our facebook page or the newly created Fishing Tin Can Bay page.  Feel free to email pictures to

Until next week stay safe on the water.

Thanks Jim for your update!


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