Fishing Report Tin Can Bay 07/03/2013

Another week of rain begs the question to be asked…When will it end?  For the time being  we all have wait patiently to see if the low in the north will develop further into a cyclone & the direction it chooses to travel before making plans for the upcoming Easter holidays.

Provided we have seen the end of the majority of the rain the next couple of weeks should see the conditions in the bay improve considerably.  The upside since the weather has been so crappy of late restricting the vast majority from getting out & wetting a line is hopefully the over the next few weeks the fishing will be outstanding for those visiting the area.  Cooler days should have seen a drop in water temperature so hopefully we should start to see the Snapper size & numbers increase.  Norman Point will be a good option for those wanting to get out & chase a few Squid.  Drifting along the drop offs should produce some good results.

Carlo Creek is yet again the stand out destination for both land & boat based anglers with Bream, Mangrove Jack, Cod & Barramundi being on the cards.

Looking ahead to the weekend the current forecast is for SE winds from 10-15knots.  With high tides falling just after sunrise & sun set it is well worth heading up some of the local creeks like Teebar, Snapper or Carlo in search of a couple of Jack.  The open waters of the bay will be a tad uncomfortable for smaller vessels so best to keep in the sheltered waters of the creeks or places like Bullock Point & Pelican Bay.

Don’t forget tomorrow marks the start of Fishing QLD’s “Fishing for Flood Relief Appeal”.  Contact the guys at Fishing QLD for details on how to sign up at only $20 to enter it’s well worth it to support those effected by recent floods.

Once again please feel free to share photos of your catch on the newly established Fishing Tin Can Bay facebook page or email them to

Good luck & see you on the water.

Jim @ Tin Can Bay Boat Hire


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